UK Xbox One Users Will Be Able to Oder Pizza Directly from Their Consoles Starting Next Month

London: The only thing that makes playing video games on your console better is eating a pizza in the same time. Apparently, this favorite pastime for many gamers is not unknown to Microsoft, the company preparing to introduce the Domino’s Pizza app on their Xbox One console. So far, the news is just a rumor, and the novelty is expected to be fully functional starting next month, but it would be no new ground for Microsoft, as US gamers can use Kinect as we speak to order pizza from Pizza Hut.

The way you will be placing your order will also be specific. You will have to say into your microphone “Domino’s, feed me”, and the app will launch, letting you choose your topping and customize your pizza as you see fit. There will be no contact with another human being, as it normally happens when ordering pizza over the phone, but the delivery will still be performed by a person, not by a machine. Nonetheless, the novelty is expected to be well received by Xbox users.

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