TripAdvisor Makes a Stand in Europe by Acquiring IENS, a Dutch Restaurant Review Site

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: TripAdvisor may be a big name in the US, its home country, where it was among the first websites to consolidate its popularity by offering users the possibility to generate content on travel related issues, but in Europe, it still needs to make a stand. Without a doubt, a lot of US travelers choose to consult TripAdvisor on their travel choices, since there is so much user generated content on hotels, restaurants, sights and more that they would be hard pressed to find no information on what they are looking for. Nonetheless, TripAdvisor needs to up its game, and to do so, it has just acquired IENS, the well known Dutch restaurant review site. What is even more important for TripAdvisor, IENS comes in the same package with, a website dedicated to booking reservations at restaurants.

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