Smart drinking by Malibu

Never thought drinking booze lead to more smartness? Well it could. The bad news: the benefits are for the Pernod-Ricard Group, not for you. Pernod has recently equipped 45,000 of its Malibu bottles with a NFC chip. The test will run in until december 2016 in 1,600 Tesco supermarkets in the UK. 

How does it work? 

Consumers ‘touching' a bottle with an NFC-enabled smartphone, get acces to Malibu branded content. Pernod-Ricard claims that this is the largest global deployment ever of NFC on an alcoholic product. 

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Contagt Combines NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy For Indoor- Navigation

Mannheim, Germany: “World’s simplest Indoor-navigation” this is how Contagt describes its own Location based solution. The Mannheim-based Start-up, uses NFC-Bluetooth Hybrid Beacons to facilitate in-door navigation.

By activating NFC-Tags with their Smartphone, users are navigated through a building. “Because of the combination of NFC and Bluetooth, we can locate people with up to 1 meter precision, also in places where GPS satellite location is lacking.”

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Barcelona becomes a Smart City with 8,000 NFC and QR touchpoints

Barcelona, Spain: More than eight thousand locations across the Spanish city of Barcelona are to be equipped with NFC and QR touchpoints that deliver information on local services directly to visitors’ and citizens’ smartphones.

The Barcelona Contactless project is one of 32 that make up Barcelona Smart City, an initiative put in place to improve the city’s services via a wide variety of technologies. The NFC and QR platform will be powered by France-based NFC specialistConnecthings and follows the installation of 1,000 touchpoints in the city for Mobile World Congress 2013.

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