Print Peter: "You Chill, We Print"

As a student, you’ll know that one of the biggest bane of your life is the cost of printing. You pay a certain amount of tuition each year to attend university, in some countries more than others, and you’re still expected to pay money to print off the work for a university you’re paying to attend and eventually graduate from. It has been said that European countries have a higher quality of student life for the tuition fees they ask, compared to those say in the US or in the UK. 

In Berlin, the latest way to make the life of a student even more convenient and frugal is a free printing service, a startup called ‘Print Peter’. Founded by three friends at university, it is a platform where students can upload their university material for free. ‘Print Peter’ prints the pages and binds them within 48 hours, all completely for free. With such a rising demand of dissertations, thesis’ and deadlines, the service has become of great value to the university students of Berlin and beyond. The offer is open to all students enrolled at a German university, and due to it’s success and popular demand, the company is now able to spread internationally, and wants to bring its services to Australia and Switzerland 

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