iBeacon Technology Gets More Traction in Europe and the US, with Bookatable and Shopkick Jumping the Bandwagon

iBeacon technology may have started as a fad for geekish entrepreneurs, but more and more businesses start seeing the potential for growth the novelty has to offer. In simple terms, this technology is based on making the connection between transmitters called beacons, operating on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and smartphones, via equally smart applications.

In the US, Shopkick has spread over 7,500 such beacons in retail shops across the country, while in Europe, Bookatable is taking an experiment carried on during the London Restaurant Festival to the next level. The online platform aims at connecting smartphone users with the eateries encountered in their path, through the transmission of special offers, features and other extras that may attract consumers to restaurants.

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Shopkick Taps into the International Market by Expanding to Germany

Germany: Shopkick is already a sensation in the US, where the company has amassed one billion dollars in revenue from partnering with retailers, and helping customers enjoy a different, better shopping experience. Now, Shopkick is expanding to Germany, and it has partnered with names like Procter & Gamble, Media Markt, OBI, Karstadt, and Douglas.

The app with the same name is available for download to German consumers. The way this app works is based on beacon technology, and it powers a reward system with tremendous success in the US. Also called a ‘live in store’ reward system, the Shopkick app is pretty straightforward. Customers with the app active on their smatphones will receive points called kicks, each time they scan a product barcode they are interested in.

Shopkick is just starting to expand on the international market with the opening of their Berlin office. The same US based success is expected as a repeat performance in Europe as well. Since customers are drawn in stores and can receive rewards just for getting informed on products, it means that shops will be able to attract more visitors.

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