How do consumers value fresh food meal kits?

Fresh food meal kit delivery services (also known as ’meal kit companies’ or ‘food boxes’) have become a multi-hundred-million euro business in Europe. Berlin based HelloFresh, founded in 2011, grew out to be market leader in mainland Europe and has expanded services to the US and Australia already selling fifty million meals on a yearly basis. The company was valued at 2,6 billion euro in 2015 and is planning an IPO in the near future. 

Fresh food meal kit market report 

The concept and it’s explosive growth have been much debated over the last year. Little is known about how consumers value these meal kits. In order to better understand the consumer part of the story we studied the meal kit market in the Netherlands, one of the most mature markets for meal kits. We focussed on how consumers experience and value meal kits.

How do consumers value meal kits? 

For our  report, behavioral research company Veylinx performed a consumer valuation research, among 1,084 Dutch consumers. They tested what people are really willing to pay for meal kits. By comparing the results for different meal kits, we were able to understand consumers’ perceived value and how it relates to their characteristics, purchase history and brand awareness. 

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